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    From the mouths of babes

    Admin ~1 ~ Melissa
    Admin ~1 ~ Melissa

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    From the mouths of babes

    Post by Admin ~1 ~ Melissa on Wed Dec 03, 2008 9:06 pm

    My nephew who attends WPA and is in 2nd grade said something that broke my heart when I heard it.
    He said that he would never receive the 5 ways to shine award because some people in the office don't like his mom and he said you can tell when they draw names you can hear them put back the pieces of paper of people they don't like!
    Not saying this is true but (the drawing names part) but how sad is this for a 2nd grader to feel the tentions between some staff and his mom and to feel that they won't pick him because they hate his mom??? It's just another example of how unpleasant some staff members are and they don't even try to hide it!

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    Re: From the mouths of babes

    Post by als4kody on Thu Dec 04, 2008 8:14 am

    Its sad to know that the kids notice the difference. This school is supposed to be a great school making a difference in kids education no matter what level they are at. The office staff is out to look good only and does not care about the kids that is obvious. As the adults in charge of our kids while in school they should be setting an example. This scares me!

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    Re: From the mouths of babes

    Post by angelinemayer on Tue May 31, 2011 4:00 am

    I was in public school for almost 2 years before i served the private agency. In the point of view of teacher, it is true that some parents are violating the rights of teachers. This could be avoided if the parent know where they will stand inside the schools

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    Re: From the mouths of babes

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