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    Mental health and saftey of our children


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    Mental health and saftey of our children

    Post by Donna on Thu Nov 20, 2008 1:53 pm

    I have had two episodes at this school that have me a little woried. A little back ground as a single mother I go through many custody battles and issues with my ex. 1st last year I'm sad to say my child had a cutting issue as did 2 others in the school this was not dealt with in a professional manner the school secretary was brought in and was very judge mental to me as she did not know squat about the background info on my children and she did not know anything about how it was beenig dealt with a home She made me promise my child that after we left the school the issue would be dropped.This was the second time that year that I was corrected about in front of my children on the way I discipline them. I do not beat my children but I will not let them get away with thing that are wrong.This issue is a serious one and should have been dealt with by professionals not school employees then when it was brought to my attention that the school had cutting issues to another parent was ask to stay in the office to help handle me when the principal delivered the news. I have no problem controlling myself with out the help of other people to monitor me. The second issue was while at a sporting event my children were allowed to contact their fathers family which would be O.K. if I had known. But the problem is that their father has abandoned them for the 3rd time this september. My daughter has emotional problems with this and now I am going through 3 more months of pure torture trying to get her restabalised. I will say the teacher did apologize and was sincerly sorry as she was freinds with the person called and did not know the children had not seen this person in many years. what are the standards the school is suppose to have for situations like mine. I know the principal was very concerned about this now I wonder whether it was for the children's sake or out of fear of a law suit!
    Admin ~1 ~ Melissa
    Admin ~1 ~ Melissa

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    Re: Mental health and saftey of our children

    Post by Admin ~1 ~ Melissa on Mon Nov 24, 2008 8:34 pm

    You know I am part of the cutting issue and I totally agree, this issue was TOTALLY handled unprofessionally in many ways. I'm not sure I am done with this issue as far as the school is concerned. I would have preferred they called Social Services in instead of an office secretary take it upon herself to check my daughters body!!! Especially one that at every chance has made my daughter feel humiliated, stupid, etc, the list goes on and on. Until that day, the secretary thought it was her given daily duty to always find something at fault with my daughter and then this day pretend to be her friend... I DON'T THINK SO -

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