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    Get it in writing!! Or regret it later!

    Admin #2 Christal

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    Get it in writing!! Or regret it later!

    Post by Admin #2 Christal on Wed Nov 19, 2008 6:40 pm

    It has been my unfortunate experience this year and I have to admit some of last year. That I did not realize that I would need to get everything in writing from the office. I know that mine are not the only children in the school, and that the school cannot possibly be all things to all parents. This being said however when I speak with what I am to understand as the person or persons in charge I expect them to follow through just as I would. I realize that I must live in a very simplistic bubble. But when I am asked a question that I do not know the answer to I do make every effort to find the information, not double talk or just out right hope that they forget and go somewhere else for help. This year has proved to be very trying for me and my kids. 1st The uniform issue, I realize that there were some issues last year that the school was not prepared to handle, but can someone please tell me when we started to do this blanket policy of if one does they all will. The discipline seems to be getting worse YOUR KID doesn't have to do anything wrong but they are all to share the blame and feel the punishment. Can anyone tell me what ever happened to just simply punishing the wrong doer? I was informed over the summer months that Mr. Hawkins was not going to be with us any longer, my kids were upset but I gave them the information that had been passed on to me from Mr. Vickers and the kids were happy for Mr. Hawkins, I now wonder if the info. Was true?? Mr. Vickers informed me that Mr. Hawkins had left a letter to the students explaining why he left or something to that effect to be read to the classes but still has not been done, my kids still ask? I asked Mr. Vickers if the kids were still going to be able to have a student council. Oh, yes I'm going to be working with the new teaching staff on this! I realize that our children need to learn so much before we release them in to this big bad world and life lessons are sometimes the most difficult. We tell them that if they are honest and work hard, have integrity that they will be able to do anything. Honesty is not rewarded anymore. Integrity is a word that means little anymore. I find it very difficult to raise my kids in a society that promotes lying as being politically correct. I apologize for rambling on and unfortunately I could continue with more, but I will stop here for now with just this one liner of advice for anyone who may want to heed it - GET IT IN WRITTING!!!!! DATE AND SIGNATURE IF YOU CAN!!! YOU MAY FIND THAT YOU NEED IT DOWN THE ROAD!!!!


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    Admin #2 Christal

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    Re: Get it in writing!! Or regret it later!

    Post by Admin #2 Christal on Wed Nov 19, 2008 6:57 pm

    We really need spell check!!! So sorry for all the type ohs!!

    Admin ~1 ~ Melissa

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    Re: Get it in writing!! Or regret it later!

    Post by Admin ~1 ~ Melissa on Wed Nov 19, 2008 7:56 pm

    I totally agree and have also come across things that I should have had in writing but didn't "Think" I needed to but I know better now Shocked

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    Re: Get it in writing!! Or regret it later!

    Post by taximom on Wed Nov 19, 2008 8:11 pm

    maybe the website should take a mail trip to a few School Board Members. What's a last ditch effort to show that maybe someone will truly care about this school. As I said SCHOOL with state tax dollars not a business that we pay to send our children to. Can you imagine the atmosphere that our children are in everyday with all of the staff working under the fear of losing their job if they question something or do something LEGALLY? Keep in mind as in the past when you are informed that someone has left the building they more than likely did not walk out on our children, our children is what kept them in that enviroment for as long as they did. Do not judge! Great politicians can make anything sound convincing, even a teacher being fired. Hug your children, give them lots of encouragement to face the day, and tell them to let their teacher know they r appreciated, who knows it might keep the real one from actually quitting!


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    Re: Get it in writing!! Or regret it later!

    Post by als4kody on Wed Nov 19, 2008 9:23 pm

    Even with things in writing and signed/dated by the Principal doesn't mean you will get what you agreed upon. Every verbal response and in writing has been changed. I would have not gotten what I needed for my child had he not missed the IEP. The Ingham County ISD Andrew Rabel was invited by the Principal and never showed even after calling for information on the school and what to do. Sad, because it feels like we have nowhere to go or do we?

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    Re: Get it in writing!! Or regret it later!

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