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    Crossing my "T's" & dotting my "I's"

    Admin ~1 ~ Melissa
    Admin ~1 ~ Melissa

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    Crossing my "T's" & dotting my "I's"

    Post by Admin ~1 ~ Melissa on Wed Nov 19, 2008 4:15 pm

    Just a friendly reminder now that things are picking up around here through new registered members and many daily guests that are viewing this I thought I should remind everyone we are here for each other and everyone is WELCOME to post what is on their minds, in their hearts, and personal experiences good or bad, I just want everyone to make sure it all is factual (not calling anyone a liar, I will personally stand behind any of you) I just want to make sure as we grow and with even more issues happening daily, and word spreads about our home site here, this site could get put into the hands of people we have posted about. We have the right to be here and post the HONEST TO GODS truths as we have since post one... Just giving you all the heads up we have become popular HOT TOPIC... cheers
    See you all on the forum & Thank You Arrow

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